Materials and Care

Care Instructions

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Food Safe

Only food safe glazes are used in my functional work!

On occasion I am able to participate in Raku firings, the Raku pots that are produced include areas of porous un-glazed clay that is not water tight - so you should never eat off or drink from Raku-fired ceramics, these items are meant as decorative pieces only.

Microwave Safe

Except for items decorated with gold luster, everything I make is microwave safe. As with all ceramics and glass, however, take care to avoid drastic temperature changes (like plunging a hot mug in an ice bath) - the sudden thermal shock may cause the piece to crack.

Dishwasher Safe

Everything I make is dishwasher safe, but if your piece is decorated with gold-luster hand-washing with warm soapy water will prolong the longevity of the gold overglaze.

Clay Bodies

Paoli Grolleg

Traditional porcelain body, translucent where very thin

Paoli MTM

Mid-range toothy red stoneware

Laguna Frost

Unforgiving, but gorgeously translucent cone 6 porcelain clay body

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Campana Clear

21 Frit 3134

20 Grolleg Kaolin

20 Wollastonite

18 Silica

13 Spodumene

08 Zinc Oxide


40 Kaolin

20 Wollastonite

14 Talc

08 Silica

06 Custer feldspar


Denim +2% Mazerine MS, .01% cobalt oxide

Yellow +2% Vanadium Yellow MS

Pink +2% Coral Red MS

Turquoise +2% Cu oxide

Bright Green +? % Cu oxide +?% RIO

Amber +4-8% RIO